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Differentiation occurs at Victoria Point State High School at many levels. Our whole school policy of Differentiation means that individual learning needs of each student is met on many levels throughout the school. All teachers throughout our school identify the learning needs of the students in their classes and implement learning activities and teaching strategies to give each student the best opportunity to engage with curriculum at Victoria Point State High School.

Students that enter Victoria Point State High School with​ evidence of being below the national minimum standard in literacy and/or numeracy (as per Year 5 NAPLAN results) will be enrolled in the non-LOTE (Languages Other Than English) program offered in year 7 and 8 only. Exemption from LOTE will be sought from Education Queensland for these students under the criteria set out in the current Education Act. These students will be given the opportunity to revisit and re-learn the basics of literacy and numeracy that were covered in the primary sector to improve their opportunity of engaging in the main stream curriculum offered at Victoria Point State High School.

Also offered in the junior secondary is a program of teaching and resource allocation that is targeted to the needs of students with identified learning difficulties. These are not students identified with a verified learning disability or with long term behavioural difficulties. These are students who have had long term difficulty throughout primary school attaining success in the core learning areas of English, Maths, Social Science and Science as a result of many learning factors. These students are identified to us through primary/junior secondary transition with the leaning support staff of our feeder primary schools.  These students will engage with the same curriculum as their year level cohort.

Students may also be invited to participate in catch up Literacy and/or Numeracy  depending on their learning requirements.  Students will participate in 15 minute sessions with a trained staff member to improve their confidence and ability to engage in   reading and numeracy activities. 

Participation in all these programs of differentiation is voluntary and removal from the program can be sought by parental request. Placement in all of the programs is based on students’ current learning needs and is not permanent. Each student’s allocation to these programs is reviewed regularly.