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Teaching and learning

Victoria P​​oint State High School is committed to: 

  • developing a culture that promotes learning through investing in the professional development of an expert teaching team

  • using a common language to ensure students’ know the What, When, Why and How to effectively learn

  • building background knowledge for all students through the instruction of explicit literacy and numeracy academic indicators

  • differentiating each individual student’s abilities to deepen knowledge and set high expectations

  • monitoring school performance against an agreed set of targets. 

Teaching & Learning is the school’s core business. It is all about the teacher, the student and what happens in the classroom.

Effective​ cla​ssroom teaching & learning

The school’s Teaching & Learning framework embeds best practice based upon current leading educational research. These include John HattieEric Franghenheim, Marzano and Geoff Masters.​

Effective instructio​nal strategies

Classroom instruction has moved away from a teacher-centred approach to a learning-centred approach. The curriculum delivered balances content knowledge, complex thinking processes and cognitively challenging tasks that require students to work to apply knowledge and skills in meaningful ways.

Effective management ​strate​gies

The Victoria Point State High School community works to build a learning environment that encourages cooperative and inclusive behaviour and positive, mutually respectful relationships between students, staff and members of the wider school community that support and build our school culture.

Effective curriculum de​sign

Victoria Point State High School is focused on delivering future pathways for further study, training and employment for all students. The curriculum is framed by four (4) fields of learning and the disciplines which contribute to these. These disciplines can be explored through our school’s curriculum overview.​