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Year 12 external scholarships


University scholarships, early entry schemes and Centrelink entitlements for year 12 students

Universities offer scholarships for students. Some of these are related to academic ability however others are based on different criteria around income and equity. A range of links are providedPlease see the links below for information about specific universities.

Early offer scheme – UQ​ Ipswich

The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus is offering Year 12 students in state and non-government schools within the Ipswich region and Western suburbs of Brisbane the chance to obtain guaranteed entry into its degree programs in 2014.

The Early Offer Scheme​ has been introduced to provide simplified entry procedures (securing access to the Campus) to these students, to assist them in their transition to post-secondary education.

The Scheme provides benefits to these Year 12 students by offering them a place at one of Australia’s leading universities and helping them to reduce the stress often felt by secondary students in securing enrolment in their chosen degree. The Scheme reflects the commitment by The University of Queensland to students in Ipswich and the surrounding region. These students will also be able to take part in a special familiarisation program for the Ipswich Campus.

Centrelink Youth Allo​wance

Calculations may change slightly and some students who do not currently qualify for youth allowance​ may begin to qualify. Any qualification for Youth Allowance means that student gain access directly to equity scholarships. Centrelink manage this program of scholarships.

Centrelink Healthcare Cards

Students at the end of year 12 begin to qualify for the Centrelink Healthcare Card​ independently of their parental income. This card may give some discounted rates at TAFE and also allow students to generally gain bulk billed doctors appointments and reduced cost medications.

Further Information

If you need further information about the early entry scheme and scholarships see our guidance officer​ for further information.