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Uniform shop

Victoria Point State High School is a Uniform School. The Parents and Citizens Association has endorsed the school’s Student dress code and students are expected to meet this expectation which includes a Dress Standard that reflects and represents the school community whilst:

  • attending and representing the school
  • travelling to and from school
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours.

Our uniform shop is operated by our school’s P&C Association.  All profits raised go back into the school for the benefit of our students.​

Published school dress code

The published school's dress code is provided to all staff, students and parents/caregivers.

Read more one the  school dress code (PDF, 666 KB).

Uniform​ shop business hours

Open: 8.00 am to 11.00 am, Monday to Thursday. 

Telephone:  (07) 3820 5854


Uniform Price List

A comprehensive uniform price list can be accessed.  See full details in the Uniform Pricelist for 2018-2019 (PDF, 26KB)


Back to School Uniform Fittings - Make your appointment


The uniform shop will be open and taking appointments from 8 am - 3 pm Monday 21  to Wednesday 23 January 2019. 

Late night trading from 9.30 am - 5.30 pm Thursday only 24 January 2019.  

Appointments are essential.  Appointments can be made through the SOBS online booking system.  A help sheet is available to step you through the process. 

Read more on sobs how to (PDF, 618KB) 

Click here to access SOBS

More information regrding Uniform Shop appointments, can be found in the Year 7 2019 Parent Information Letter (PDF, 469 KB)


Payments​​ can be made in cash, cheque or EFTPOS (no cash out).
Orders can be placed over the phone and paid by credit card.

Shoes that comply with Dress Code

The following shoes are suitable for Victoria Point State High School and comply with the Dress Code.  They are acceptable because they are:

  • All Black
  • Have leather uppers (not suede)
  • Fully enclosed 


The attached flyer (PDF, 380KB) is a guideline.  Images are kindly provided by Mathers and Williams Retail stores.


Second-h​and​​ uniforms

We have a selection of second hand clothing for sale.
Second hand uniforms are sold on consignment through the Uniform Shop. Only current official uniform garments will be accepted. Garment is held for 12 months.
All garments must be laundered and pressed, no stains (e.g. ink paint).
All buttons, clasps, zips are on garment and in working order, no holes or fraying.
Remittance of payment for garments (less 20% commission) will be processed on completion of the holding period.
There is no refund or exchange on purchased second hand items.
We encourage you to bring in your uniforms ready for our busy peak time in December and January.
Any donations would be greatly appreciated.