Inter-House and District Athletics Review 2016

​Ben Pickles: District Age Champion Runner Up for the 16 Years Boys

It couldn’t happen again could it? After having to postpone last year’s Inter-House Athletics carnival due to rain, the weather once again dampened our spirits in 2016. June 23 was not to be, as we looked forward to the revised date of Monday 18 July in Term 3. 

Nerves were high in the early morning of the rescheduled carnival, as the heavens were once again threatening to open. However, after a slightly postponed start due to rain, we had our day! Despite the early rain, the student population were in full force. Nothing could stop us from enjoying one of the best days of the school year. The 2016 VPSHS inter-House Athletics Carnival lived up to all expectations. Colour, atmosphere, competition, music and impressive participation were all hallmarks of an incredible day. The work of Year 12 House Leaders was a particular highlight, as they strived hard all day to promote student participation amongst their respective houses and ensure relay teams were filled. Special mention must go to Master leader Jade Nowell and Sands leader Dayna Williams, who were absolutely amazing in their leadership and organisation.

In the last four years Benfer House has emerged as a true track and field juggernaut. They kept that momentum rolling on in 2016, claiming the Athletics Champions shield with 2759 points. Congratulations to Benfer House! Master finished in second (2519), Heinemann in third (2455) and Sands in fourth (2290).

As always, there were some very exciting individual student performances on the day. In particular we celebrate the incredible efforts of this year’s Athletics Age Champions. Congratulations to Sophie Chalk (12 years girls), Dylan Mottershead (12 years boys), Sarah Parkes (13 years girls), Brandon Brewster (13 years boys), Jayde Thompson (14 years girls), Heath Kircher (14 years boys), Katelin Parkes (15 years girls), Scott Marriott (15 years boys), Jade Ellenger (16 years girls), Jake Chapman (16 years boys), Myka Arthur (open girls) and Brendan Smitheram (open boys).

The next mission: Bayside District Athletics Carnivals (13-19 Years Carnival: 28 and 29 July held at QSAC and 10-12 Years Carnival: 4 and 5 August held at Cleveland District SHS). In regard to the 13-19 years carnival, we knew that if we could maximize representation and participation, we could match it with the strongest schools in the Bayside district. And match it we did! Every event and competition spot available to VPSHS was filled with a student in the teal and blue, equating to our best ever team effort. At the end of the two day competition, VPSHS finished in its highest position of the last eight years in 6th place out of 13 private and state schools. When considering only state high schools, we finished in 3rd place. This is a truly tremendous effort when the strength of the competition is considered. 

Ben Pickles (Year 11) provided a special highlight, as he was crowned District Age Champion Runner Up for the 16 Years Boys, a fantastic achievement in amongst many other impressive individual student performances. These include Sophie Chalk winning the 12 Years Girls Shot Put event at the 10-12 Years District carnival.

We also had an impressive 16 students qualify for Bayside district representation at the Metropolitan East Track and Field carnival. 13 of these students are participating, who include Tyler Bain, Brodie Campbell, Elise Chapman, Ryan Crowe, Connor Duffy, Jade Ellenger, Luke Harvey, Matthew Devlin, Mako Byrne, Lio Pakau, Ben Pickles, Sophie Chalk and Ashleigh Gardner.

Overall, 2016 has been a year to remember in regard to Athletics as we look to an even bigger and better year in 2017!​ 

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019