Meet our 2017 Student Leaders


Junior Vice Captains

Top Row L-R - Lorelai Gowlland, Ashleigh Whelan, Mikayla Lingham, Leonie Campbell.

Bottom Row L-R - Jack Yunker, Alana Heaton, Keely Pressick, Chloe Smith, Ashley Trembath.


​On 13 February 2017 VPSHS held a formal Leadership Badge Ceremony.  

Senior and Junior School Captains and Vice Captains were presented with their badges and a personal monogrammed school blazer to wear with pride.  Other badge presentations included Peer Leaders from Year 11, Senior House Leaders and of course all Year 12 students received their 2017 Senior Badges.

 It was a wonderful event showcasing VP's 2017 School Leaders whilst sharing this occasion with special invited guests, students and their families. 

The tone of the ceremony was very uplifting, positive and inspirational,  as can be seen by reading some of the highlights below, from our school Captains' first speech as our 2017  Leaders. 

"Each of you sitting out there is distinct in your talents, attributes and qualities.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, we are all unique, we all have something to offer and we all have greatness in us.  But just like puzzle pieces, we were not meant to stand alone.  We sit among our friends and peers and together, we are capable of achieving something much greater.

 A good leader needs to be farsighted and forward thinking with the vision of what they want to achieve constantly motivating them.  We know that setting goals isn't necessarily easy but we do know that no journey will ever be completed until we have the courage to take the first step.  Like anything, our success is a direct result of our actions and our progress is proportionate to our effort.

 We need to have a positive attitude, an attitude that allows us to honestly say "I know I can do this".  Sometimes having a positive attitude requires courage.  "Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow". (Thomas S Monson)

Great leaders defend what they stand for with respect and with kindness, but they defend it.  Sometimes might isn't having the force of a nation or army, but the strength to stand against one.

We hope that as you go about this year, that you will be able to remember that you each have the potential to be a remarkable leader.  We look forward to seeing what we can achieve and just how all our puzzle pieces are going to fit together.  So let's get to work!" (Excerpts from Senior School Captains - Ben Pickles and Brooklyn Rota 2017)

A special thank you to everyone involved,  both Students and Staff who assisted with making this such a memorable event for our VPSHS Community. Those in attendance were priveleged to hear the special vocal and musical performances from the VP Performing Arts students and staff and special thanks must also go to the many other students and staff working behind the scenes,  both leading up to this event and on the day,  to make this a well polished and enjoyable event for all of our guests. A wonderful team effort in celebrating our Student Leaders.  Congratulations to all of our wonderful Leaders for 2017.  Have an awesome year.

School Captains
Brieane Rota, Brooklyn Rota, Ethan Lee, Ben Pickles

Senior Vice Captains


Top Row - Lachlan Bennett, Sophie Burns, Emily Brock, Luke Harvey

Bottom Row - Mary Anne Kossen, Brieanne Hersey, Cassie Wingard, Holly Mills, Elise Chapman

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019