Out on the Track: Inter-House and District Athletics Carnival Report

​Jade Ellenger: 15 Years Girls Bayside Schools Track and Field Age Champion

I know the first thing that you would be thinking; Which House claimed victory at our school’s Annual Inter-House Athletics Carnival? Unfortunately, I cannot divulge that information just yet. The winning House of our Athletics Carnival will be officially announced at our next full-school assembly. What can be reported on however, are all the aspects that made the day a wonderful success as well as the outstanding individual performances of some standout students.

Monday 20 July simply needed to be a beautiful day for our carnival, given the event was postponed at the end of Term 2 due to weather. Of course it’s never that simple and what we did have was a day that threatened to deliver another washed out spectacle. Thankfully the rain held off and thus the conditions turned out to be almost perfect for one of the highlights of the year.

Adding to the occasion and the atmosphere of the day was the outstanding attendance of our students. A sea of colour was certainly visible from all parts of the oval. Tremendous House spirit was clearly evident amongst all those who attended.

Beneath the fun factor of a day like this are the actual events. Many of our staff officials had their hands full, as great student participation meant there were multiple heats or many competitors in almost all events. Not only was this level of student event participation very satisfying to see, but also compelling viewing due to the high standard of competition.

Right in the middle of all the action were our excellent Sport Leaders. These students managed to keep House spirit and participation high all day by setting an example through their own participation as well as closely assisting teacher House leaders in the promotion of events and organisation of relay teams. Our Sport Leaders are to be congratulated on the way they contributed so positively to the Carnival.

For a student to give their all for their House and personal achievement is no easy task! Fatigue can quickly set in going from event to event, jumping to sprinting to throwing. However, a number of students not only managed to do this but consistently do it successfully. We congratulate these students, who have deservedly claimed the title as 2015 Athletics Age Champion in their respective age groups. Well done to Kaismin Arthur (12 Years Girls), Jordyn Saitzeff (12 Years Boys), Stephanie Kirk (13 Years Girls), Connor Duffy (13 Years Boys), Katelin Parkes (14 Years Girls), Ethan Green (14 Years Boys), Jade Ellenger (15 Years Girls), Ethan Burfield (15 Years Boys), Myka Arthur (16 Years Boys), Devon Shoobert (16 Years Boys), Tamara Oti (Open Girls) and Kobe Stanley (Open Boys).

Closely following our school carnival, were the two Bayside District Athletics Carnivals (13-19 Years Carnival: 30 and 31 July held at QSAC and 10-12 Years Carnival: 6 and 7 August held at Cleveland District SHS). Our school’s representation and participation at both these carnivals was very strong and provided yet another step up from last year. At both events, the enthusiasm and spirit of those in the Teal and Blue was something special to note. This spirit and team approach was clearly evident at the 13-19 years carnival during the 4 X 100m relays, with VPSHS claiming victory in three of these events in their respective heats with one second place finish and two third place finishes. Jade Ellenger (Year 10) provided a special highlight, as she was crowned District Age Champion for the 15 Years Girls, a fantastic achievement in amongst many other impressive individual student performances. We look forward to congratulating many more of our students when the Bayside Athletics Team is announced.

All in all, the 2015 Bayside District Athletics Carnivals were a wonderful success for all VPSHS students and teachers involved. We could not be more proud of the commitment and spirit demonstrated by our students and look forward to the growing success that is sure to follow next year.

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019