Qld Seniors Week - Student Leaders celebrate with our local Senior Residents


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Mrs Knott VPSHS Community Liason Assistant accompanied Junior School Captain Mackenzie Hogan, Arts Vice Captain Johnnie McKee, Academic Vice Captain Amy Schwartz, Community Vice Captain Eloise Moyes with  Director of Care & Services - Adventist Retirement Village,  Mr Matt Nissbet.

Student leaders chatting with the Seniors.


On Thursday 20 August some of our Student Leaders took part in celebrations for Seniors Week. 

Seniors Week is an opportunity for Queenslanders of all ages to join together and celebrate the valuable contribution of older people. Seniors Week provides an opportunity to bring together all Queenslanders, through events and activities, to celebrate the contributions seniors make within their communities.

National Seniors Week aims to:

  •  improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing
  •   facilitate community participation and activity by older people, including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  •  enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships. 

VPSHS Junior Student Leaders (Jnr Captain - Mackenzie Hogan, Vice Captain Community - Eloise Moyes, Vice Captain Academic - Amy Schwartz, and Vice Captain Arts - Johnnie McKee) enjoyed connecting and celebrating with the local residents of the Victoria Point Adventist Retirement Village at their special celebration concert and morning tea.  VPSHS is very grateful to the Diversional Therapist Patti Gillespi,  for inviting our students to be involved at this event.  Qld Seniors Week presented our students with a wonderful opportunity for continuing to build stronger connections within our local senior community members.

School Captain and Vice Captains said they thoroughly enjoyed the morning hearing the wonderful heart-warming & triumphant stories shared by the residents.  A special highlight was the vocalist who performed for the Seniors playing old familiar tunes such as hits from Tom Jones, Johnny Cash & Elvis, which had both the young and old feeling energised. The students enjoyed inviting the Seniors up for a dance.  This was contagious and saw many of the residents up on the dance floor and the Seniors said “they enjoyed themselves immensely and this sure beat just sitting around listening”.  Many of the residents thanked our students for taking the time to visit and be involved.  They said that they very much enjoyed spending time with our youth and that it brightened their day.


Another highlight or should we say “Blast from the Past” was when the school’s Community Liaison Assistant Mrs Lyndy Knott, was drawn to a very familiar smile on one of the resident’s faces in the room, only to learn that the lady in question was Mrs Dot Patterson who Mrs Knott had worked with in Education Qld way back in 1981-1987 at Tingalpa Primary School.  Dot who is now aged 87 reflected fondly of her years as a primary school teacher with Education Qld.

The school would like to thank these students for their cheerful involvement in Queensland Seniors Week.  We trust that it was an experience that was enriching for both young and old.

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019