Sports wrap-up 2013


The 2013 Sporting year at VPSHS has been full of wonderfulhighlights. Like previous years, we can celebrate all kinds of outstanding achievements, including Australian and State Representations as well as many awesome team successes. However these achievements are only part of how we can define a great year of sport. There are of course the constant processes that lead to such achievements.

Much time and effort has been put into ensuring that all sporting opportunities, from carnivals to weekly sport to academy sport, have been provided in a way that allow students to fully enjoy them and participate in full. The success of sport at our school this year in all its different dimensions and facets can be attributed to the support, enthusiasm and contributions of staff, students, parents and other community members (of whom there are too many to thank individually!). Such efforts are much appreciated and necessary to attain to the levels of success, which we so often celebrate at VPSHS (this year being no exception!). The major carnivals as well as weekly afternoon sport are examples of sporting events, which could not have continued to prosper and help build a strong sporting culture and tradition without the work of so many.

Special recognition must go to our major sport award winners in 2013: Sportsman of the Year - Coen Fielding, Sportswoman and Netballer of the Year – Samantha Ryan, Swimmer of the Year – Aliesha Sneesby, Athlete of the Year – Luke Harvey, Cricketer of the Year – Liam Felmingham and Team Player of the Year – Jordan Robertson. These students have excelled as individuals within their sporting fields, often inspiring those around them or in some cases leading their teams to victory. In and amongst these award winners were a multitude of Regional, State and National Representatives, illustrating the sporting talent and future potential within the gates of our school. To these students we extend our best wishes for the future and congratulations on their achievements.  

We also reflect fondly on the team successes of 2013. Something not to be repeated for a very long time was the third consecutive Metropolitan Title win for our Year 10 Girls Basketball team, making them the best team in the wider Brisbane area yet again. This team has been together since Year 8 and to say that what they have achieved is special would be a gross understatement! Our Year 10 Girls Netball team just missed out on the same prestigious title, but with many of these girls backing up from the basketball team, it was a tremendous achievement just to make the final. As in previous years, a number of Bayside Premierships were claimed in 2013. The Year 8, 9 and 10 AFL teams (powered by a strong Vikings AFL Academy contingent) once again defended their Bayside titles, while the Year 10 Boys Vikings Rugby League and Opens Cricket teams also achieved District Champion status.

As another year in sport comes to a close, we must be sure not to take for granted all that we have achieved within our school sporting community. The efforts and accolades we have witnessed, some of which have been mentioned above, are truly outstanding and in some cases may not be repeated in years to come. If this year is anything to go by, 2014 could be an even bigger year in sport at VPSHS. I cannot wait to find out!

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019