VPSHS Vikings Athletics Report 2017


After the uninvited wet weather of the previous two years, Thursday 22 June needed to be a beautiful day for the VPSHS Inter-House Athletics Carnival. In 2017, we got exactly what we wanted with perfect conditions for one of the highlights of the school year! Adding to the occasion and the atmosphere of the day was the outstanding attendance of our students. A sea of colour was certainly visible from all parts of the oval. Tremendous House spirit was clearly evident amongst all those who attended.

Beneath the fun factor of a day like this are the actual events. Many of our staff officials had their hands full, as great student participation meant there were multiple heats or many competitors in almost all events. Not only was this level of student event participation very satisfying to see, but also compelling viewing due to the high standard of competition. It was certainly one of the most tightly contested carnivals we have seen for many years. In the end MASTER HOUSE were victorious as 2017 Athletics Champions (3202 points) narrowly edging out Sands House (2nd 3177 points) and Heinemann House (3rd 3164 points) by the closest of margins. Benfer came in last place (4th 2656) after looming as one of the houses to beat heading into the carnival. A fantastic effort by all Master House students, who thoroughly deserve this fantastic carnival victory.

A special congratulations to the individual star performers on the day, who are our official 2017 VPSHS Athletics Age Champions. These students are Isla Sandbek (12 Year Girls), Jai Flanigan (12 Year Boys), Faith Green (13 Year Girls), Tyronne Stephens (13 Year Boys), Lucy Shipton (14 Year Girls), Brandon Brewster (14 Year Boys), Caitlyn Powers-Hughes (15 Year Girls), Brodie Campbell (15 Year Boys), Jade Fursey (16 Year Girls), Ethan Green (16 Year Boys), Jade Ellenger (Open Girls) and Ben Pickles (Open Boys).

On Thursday 27 and Friday 28 July, the VPSHS District Athletics Team participated at the 13-19 Years Bayside District Carnival, which was held at the Queensland State Athletics Centre. From the commencement of the first event until the closing presentation a day later, we could not have been more proud of the commitment, enthusiasm and spirit of those students representing our school. This spirit was best encapsulated in the efforts of Scott Marriott (Year 11) who in the last lap of his 1500m event was physically spent but through pure determination and will found another level and pushed past his rivals to win the race!

Other individual student highlights include Max Ellenger (Year 9: 2nd High Jump), Connor Duffy (Year 10: 2nd 1500m), Brodie Campbell (Year 10: 3rd 200m, 400m), Ethan Green (Year 11: 1st 100m, 2nd 200m), Luke Harvey (Year 12: 2nd 1500m, 1st 3000m), Ben Pickles (2nd 200m, 2nd Triple Jump, 1st Long Jump) and Jade Ellenger (Year 12: 2nd 100m, 200m, 1st Long Jump). All of these students qualified to represent the Bayside District team along with Matthew Devlin (Year 10) and Jake Chapman (Year 12). Both Jade Ellenger and Ben Pickles can be very proud of their efforts in their final Bayside carnivals, coming in 3rd place respectively in overall age champion points. Major team highlights included the Open Boys 4X100m Relay team taking out 1st place in one of the biggest events of the carnival against fierce competition along with our 16 Boys 4X100m Relay team coming in 3rd place. Congratulations to all students involved over a wonderful two days of competition.

Go Vikings!

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019