Vikings kicking goals on and off the field

​Bernie Gabba Vegas and Missy join Prep and Year One students listening to Victoria Point State High Vikings Academy students reading.

​Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are usually spent playing sport and competing against other schools in our region, but recently, six of our Vikings Academy students decided to sacrifice their interschool sport time, and go back to the classroom and help some of the future Vikings stars with their reading down at Redland Bay State School.  Jake Chapman, Matthew Warren and Ben Pickles (Vikings AFL Academy), Ebony Robertson, Erin Heise-Osman and Rochelle Auger (Vikings Girls in Sport) teamed up with Mascots Bernie Gabba Vegas (Brisbane Lions) and Missy (Mission Queensland Firebirds) to help out the RBSS Preps and Year One’s read a range of engaging and exciting stories for the Reading Eggs unit currently being studied down at the Primary School. 

The Reading Eggs Program is aimed at the Prep and Year One classes.  The students engaged in this program read to their Egg; the more the Egg is read to, the more the Egg grows.  Understanding the importance of literacy, the Viking student’s ensured that the afternoon was as exciting as any sporting contest, with Bernie Gabba Vegas and Missy joining in the action too.  It wasn’t just the RBSS Students that cherished the afternoon, with Matthew Warren (Year 9) saying “it was good that we got to enjoy some reading with the Preps and Year One’s back at my old school”.  Jake Chapman (Year 9) had as much fun with the Mascots as the primary students, but thought “it was great to see the kids reactions when the mascots entered their classrooms”.   Ebony Roberston (Year 11) made sure she took a mature approach to the afternoon, saying “it was a good way to reinforce the importance of reading to younger students”, and Erin Heise-Osman (Year 11) relayed the important message of community partnerships, “ it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with the local primary schools, as well as incorporate our Sporting Academies tied in with Major Elite Sporting Clubs like the Lions and Firebirds”.

The Vikings Academy would like the thank the Brisbane Lions and the Mission Queensland Firebirds for their support within this event, wish the teams the best of luck in their upcoming games in the 2014 Season, and look forward to working with them again in the near future.  The male and female Vikings AFL Academies resume Tuesday afternoon (3:00pm – 4:00pm) and Thursday morning (7:00am – 8:00am) trainings this week.  The Year’s 8-10 Vikings AFL students commence interschool sport this week, with one Year 8 team, two Year 9 teams and one Year 10 team competing in the Bayside District Competition at Henry Ziegenfusz Park in Cleveland for Interschool Sport.  There are 2 Vikings Rugby League teams competing in Interschool Sport this term, the Year 8 Vikings class will kick off their first campaign in the Navy and Teal Jersey, and a strong cohort of Vikings athletes have banded together after their 6-6 draw against the teachers to form the Opens team.  The Vikings Girls in Sport students boost the strength of a number of interschool sport teams, with the girls playing in Volleyball, Netball and Soccer teams.  We wish all our Vikings teams the best of luck!

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Last reviewed 19 December 2019
Last updated 19 December 2019