Junior secondary


Victoria Point State High School's curriculum represents a sequence of carefully planned and balanced learning experiences designed to meet the current and future needs of our students. It is grounded in student focused educational philosophy and practice, responsive to individual student needs, as well as being rich in real-life significance.

We offer an array of specialist programs of excellence as part of our academy including academic, dance, robotics, rugby league, AFL and media. These all provide rich learning opportunities for students and allow them to excel in a focused area of study.

Year 7

Students in year 7 will study our core subjects for the duration of the Year: English, maths, history, science, language studies and health and wellbeing. They will then be able to “taste test” our variety of subjects for a semester each including: performing arts, visual arts, digital technology and design technology.

Read the Junior Subject Guide for Year 7 and 8 (PDF, 668 KB)

Ye​​a​​r 8

Students will continue studies from year 7, building on learning experiences in maths, history, science, language studies and health and wellbeing. They will then be able to “taste test” further subjects for a semester each including: performing arts, visual arts, digital technology and design technology. 

Read the Junior Subject Guide for Year 7 and 8 (PDF 668 KB)

Year 9

In year 9 students while still continuing with core subjects of English, maths, history, science are able to select 3 electives to study for the duration of the year. Thus engaging our students in an educational pathway most suited to their individual needs.

Read the Junior Subject Guide for Year 9 (PDF, 810 KB)


We offer scholarships to the value of $400 to students in the junior secondary. These are awarded in the areas of academic, rugby league, australian football, dance and media excellence. The scholarship program has attracted strong interest and we receive strong applications every year across all categories. 

Read more about our scholarships​.

Academy Excellence build​in​​g (2014)

We eagerly await the completion of our two-storey Academy Excellence building, which is due to commence construction in 2014. This will add 8 modern classrooms, 3 flexible learning spaces and a dance room to our already high quality facilities. 

Artist's projections of the finished buildings.

​​Primary school partnerships

We work closely with our local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition into high school. We hold a number of open days and excellence days to allow students not only to engage in enhanced learning opportunities, to meet and engage with other students from within the cluster but also to familiarise themselves with our school surrounds thus allowing for a seamless transition.

The creation of the junior secondary at Victoria Point State High School is designed to respond to the needs of students in early adolescence. With year 7 joining our school community in 2015, we move towards 2015 being guided by the six principles that underpin the junior secondary phase:  

Distinct id​​​​​entity

Students are encouraged and supported to develop their own group identity within the wider high school. This includes dedicated school areas and events. Currently we have junior secondary parades, lunchtime events, enrichment days and excursions.

Quality teaching

Teachers working with students in the junior secondary years are given professional development to enhance their skills and understanding of the able to best support and engage the adolescent learner.

Student well-being

Our school has a strong focus on pastoral care. Each student from 8-12 is placed in a family group, where their individual learning needs are discussed and reflected on.

Parent a​n​d community involvement

We encourage parents to stay connected with their students’ learning when they enter high school. Parent involvement in special events, welcome BBQ, parent teacher interview evenings, open nights, award ceremonies, leadership presentations and parent partnership meetings is always welcomed.


Leadership roles are available for years 8 and 9 students. A dedicated junior secondary team including dean of junior secondary, Head of junior secondary, junior secondary deputy principals and principal lead the junior secondary.

Local decision​ making

The needs of our school community influence how the junior secondary is implemented in our school.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide a high quality education to all students in these very important years of development. 

For more information contact our relevant staff member​ member, Mr Adam Carmichael, Head of Department, Teaching and Learning​.

Last reviewed 03 January 2020
Last updated 03 January 2020