2023 Year 12 Final Subject Results and Senior Education Profiles to Students


Congratulations on the completion of your secondary phase of learning. It has been a pleasure working alongside each of you and your families throughout this journey. Please find below important information pertaining to the access of your achievements:

Online release of results and SEPs

From 9 am on Friday 15 December, Year 12 students and other students who have completed a QCAA subject in 2023 can access their final subject results and SEP from their learning account in the Student Portal via the

Depending on students' individual circumstances, their SEP will comprise one or more of the following documents:

• Senior Statement

• Statement of Results (students who have completed a QCAA subject who are not in Year 12)

• Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

• Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).

SEPs are issued as electronic documents and stored in students' learning accounts. Students can save their SEP on a computer or mobile device and provide it to third parties electronically or they can download it as a secure PDF and print it.

Electronic SEP documents in students' learning accounts are official documents. They contain an embedded digital signature to confirm they are authentic, and they cannot be altered. If students download or print their SEP, an employer or further education provider can scan the unique QR code on the document. This will direct the user to a unique QCAA webpage confirming the SEP's authenticity.

For more information see

Printing SEPs

The QCAA does not automatically print and post SEPs, except for students receiving a QCIA.

Students may print their own SEP, or they may request a printed copy of their SEP from the QCAA via their learning account in the Student Portal, which they access via the

The option to request a printed copy of their SEP will become available in the Student Portal when SEPs are issued and will close on 31 January 2024.

SEPs will be posted during March 2024. Printed copies are free. SEPs printed by the QCAA are no different from those that students can print for themselves and are not official documents. They are provided for students' convenience only.

Students who receive a QCIA will automatically receive a printed copy of their SEP in the mail after 15 December — they do not need to request a printed copy via the learning account.

Accessing the Student Portal

To access the Student Portal via the myQCE website students must first register for access using their learner unique identifier (LUI). How To Guide Attached (PDF, 1MB) – Do not use your School Email.

They should do this in advance to ensure quick access when their results and SEPs are issued on 15 December.

After students have registered for access to the Student Portal, they can log in with their email address and nominated password. (not your school email address)

Accessing ATARs

ATARs will be available via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) at

Students must sign up to QTAC's ATAR Portal to access their ATAR and need to use their name (as shown in their QCAA learning account), date of birth, LUI and email address.

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Last reviewed 17 November 2023
Last updated 17 November 2023